Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jessica Alba Hairstyles

You really gotta admire a woman like Jessica Alba, with such amazing natural beauty mixed with impeccable style choices.

You name a hairstyle and Jessica Alba has done it, while looking absolutely sensational i might add, with each and everyone.

Can you decide which is your favorite hairstyle worn by Jessica Alba?

There are just so many hairstyles to choose from, however some of my top picks would have to be the long flowing with curls and highlights, the long sleek straight hairdo, and the cute blonde micro bob is also very lovely hairstyle.
Jessica Alba updo bunch hairstyle.
Jessica Alba blonde micro bob hairdo.
Jessica Alba long stylish hairstyle.
Jessica Alba blonde with curls style.
Medium length hairstyle.
Cute dark auburn hair color.
Loose fitting updo hairstyle.

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